Monday, June 4, 2012

P3_8. final _all

I made a process movie which can show about this project.
Also these are my final outputs of this semester.


blow / realtime / quartz composer 


boxbox / pre render movie / after effects 


blow+boxbox / process movie 

Thank you, David :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

P3_7. experiment _p+r

I developed last works.


room / 2048x768 / soundkey 

work process_p / print screen 

I connected this realtime work with Project 1(link).

blow / quartz composer 

work process_r / print screen 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

P3_6. experiment _r

I tried to use Quartz Composer and make an interactive system which react to the sound.

Also, I played the violin to make a sound.


realtime / quartz composer + violin 


work process / print screen 

Next time, I'll develop this interactive system and pre-render videos which I made last time.

Monday, May 21, 2012

P3_5. experiment _p

There are 2 types of format that I changed.

1  format _A, B type 

size : 2048 x 768 pixel

This will consist of 12 videos(or 6) which have same sound.

2  videos 

I made some sample videos.

hexahedron + division / 1024x768 / soundkey 

hexahedron + slide / 1024x768 / soundkey 

hexahedron + line / 1024x768 / soundkey 

combine _1 / 1024x768 / soundkey 

work process / print screen 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

P3_4. idea + experiment _p

I need to organize my thoughts for further progress.

1  the format for the final result _PreRender 

size : 2048 x 768 pixel

This will consist of 8 videos(this might be changed) which have same sound.

 ideas for PreRender videos 

line > figure > polyhedron > planar figure

I think this process is very similar to wave, stream, and spread of the sound.

Also, a polyhedron(ex.hexahedron) can transform like this.
And I made a sample video related to the above image.

hexahedron + color / soundkey 

Last time, I made videos using only lines.
But this time, I used some colors. It makes a different impression.

 the composition of PreRender video 

This was a very prominent question in my mind.
But maybe this above image is my final decision.

And this is the result of today's idea.

combined video_1 / 1024x768 / soundkey 

combined video_2 / 1024x768 / soundkey 

combined video_1+2 / 2048x768 / soundkey 


work process / print screen 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

P3_3. experiment _p

I developed last work.
(P3_1-1. experiment)

※ The sound of these videos are very loud and noisy,
so please be careful.

triangle / soundkey 

tetrahedron / soundkey 


square / soundkey 

hexahedron / soundkey 

work process / printscreen 

Next time, I'll put various polygons and polyhedrons and arrange all videos.

Monday, May 7, 2012

P3_2. experiment _r

Today, I tried to use the action script to make a realtime work.

Unfortunately, I need to change the way because this is very slow to react.

lattice / realtime sound + action script 

This is a script which I typed, but I'm not sure it is correct.
I have little knowledge of the action script, and I just mixed various scripts.